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Cookie Informations


1. What are cookies and similar technologies?

A cookie is a small text file that is installed on the user’s computer, smartphone, or other devices when they visit a website. The cookie helps websites to recognize devices in their subsequent visits. There are other similar technologies such as pixel tags, web bugs, web storage, and other similar files and technologies that have the same function as cookies. In this document, the term “cookie” is used to describe all the information gathering technologies in this way.


2. How we use cookies

We use cookies for the purposes shown below. We can also allow our trading partners to use cookies on bbcasamariella.it (third party cookies).


a. Necessary operation

I cookie sono necessari per permetterci di far funzionare il servizio richiesto dagli utenti.


b. Performance / Analysis

Cookies are required to allow us to run the service requested by users.


c. Functional

Cookies allow us to manage some of the features of the Service, in line with the choices made by the user. When the user continues to use or reconnects to the Service, we can provide our services as we have been asked for, for example, by remembering the username, how we customized our services and remembering the last page read.


d. Targeting / Advertising 

Cookies are used to provide advertising in line with the tastes and interests of the user. Collected information is also used to take account of the frequency index and to help us adjust the received ads as well as the extent to which they are effective.


e. Social network 

Cookies are used to allow the user to interact with their social networks, for example by sharing content.




Privacy Policy Link

Facebook Social Functionality Thirdy part https://www.facebook.com/policy.php
Google + Social Functionality Thirdy part https://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/
Twitter Social Functionality Thirdy part https://twitter.com/privacy


f. Thirdy Part Content

Third party cookies required to provide content / functionality provided by third parties.


g. Ads

We work with ad networks and other service providers for publishing bbcasamariella.it ads on other websites. Cookies can be used to display advertising messages that may be of interest to users, to regulate the number of views and to measure their effectiveness.


3. The consent to the use of cookies

The use of the cookies mentioned in point 2. d-e-f-g is only possible with the consent of the user. When you first access our site, you agree to use all cookies by clicking on any part of the page, scrolling through the page, or by clicking the ok or X shortcut keys.


4. Manage your preferences

Most popular browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences. You can set your browser to reject cookies or just delete some cookies. In the same way that you disable the use of cookies, you can disable other similar technologies. The following links show how you can set preferences on most commonly used browsers:

Internet Explorer





Please remember that if you choose to block the receipt of all cookies, this may compromise or prevent the good functioning of the Service.


5. Additional informations

For more information on how to use cookies and how to block them, visit  www.youronlinechoices.eu. For any questions or comments about using cookies, you can write to info@bbcasamariella.it. The processing of the information contained herein is carried out as bbcasamariella.it.